The Upper Floor

Niche: BDSM

Are you dominant or submissive in the bedroom? Do you like to be punished, or do the punishing? Lucky for you, no matter which role you desire to fill in the bedroom, The Upper Floor will have something to suit your needs. This website is the place to go for willings slaves or masters to come to fulfill all their kinky sexual fantasies. Sometimes after a long week all a real 'slave' wants is to be punished to the point of sexual submission and erotic humiliation - this is the place to go. And on the flip side, a master or mistress needs to de-stress and gain sexual power by punishing a willing slave with leather, whips, and bondage tactics to the get their slave to submit fully. This site is exactly what any true sexual freak needs. This is YOUR website!

Not only does this website offer the best slave and master HD videos, as well as live streamed video webcasts, with REAL submissive men and women and REAL masters, there is also a ton of history behind the scenes and the storyline to this website. This reality type show comes to you by, and all the video is shot in the Armory Great House in San Francisco- how cool! The whole idea is based off of the erotic novel The Story of O, and it is a look into what it was like to live a true BDSM lifestyle 24 hours a day 7 days a week by willing slaves and punishing masters.

You simply aren't born a good slave, or master. You  must be trained. And the pornstars featured on The Upper Floor website show viewers exactly what it takes to become a true and obedient slave, as well as a dominant, powerful, well trained master. These films display true erotic humilation, and extreme sexual bondage, as well as tons of whipping, spanking, hardcore fucking, and tons more! If you ever wanted to experience the true BDSM lifestyle, this  site is for you. Check out The Upper Floor today for all your slave and master needs!